Keep Your Mazda Running Strong With Routine Oil Changes

Your Mazda car or SUV requires many routine maintenance tasks. While each of these issues are important, perhaps one of the most important is the simple oil change.

Why Do I Need To Change My Oil?

Your oil is essentially the lifeblood of the engine. It does three important jobs to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Lubricates - The main job of the oil is lubrication. Your engine has many moving parts and, without the right consistency of oil, these parts wouldn't function properly. The lubrication of the oil also helps with fuel-efficiency.
  • Cleans - As you drive, particles, debris, and dirt can enter the engine compartments. As the oil goes through your engine, it picks up any of these items and drags them through the filter. The filter will then catch the debris and save it from potentially damaging your engine.
  • Cools - Friction causes heat, and heat can be detrimental to your engine. The oil helps to keep the friction to a good level and, in a sense, cools the engine as it moves your Mazda car or SUV along.

Because of all of this hard work, the oil in your engine will wear out over time. It will either become too thin or sludgy and will end up failing at its jobs, which in turn will cause your engine to receive more extensive damage. It's definitely worth the time, money, and effort to keep your oil clean and full by scheduling routine oil changes.

When Should I Schedule An Oil Change?

Every vehicle is different, but many recommend every 7,500 to 10,000-miles you should have your oil switched out. To know the exact manufacturer recommendation, you'll want to check in the driver's manual, or you can contact our service center to talk to one of our certified Mazda technicians. Most newer vehicles will also alert you with a dashboard light when your oil requires changing, so make sure to be aware of any warning lights and schedule an appointment as soon as you're able.

What Happens During An Oil Change?

Whether you're performing an oil change yourself or you're bringing it to our Art Hill Mazda service center, there are three steps that occur during an oil change.

  1. Drain - First the old oil must be drained from the pan. A drain screw is removed, and the oil is drained into a disposal container.
  2. Replace - Next, the oil filter must be replaced. Remember, this filter catches any of the debris found in the engine, and, like the filter in an air conditioner, it must be replaced.
  3. Refill - Once the old oil is gone and the filter is replaced, then new oil must be poured in. Tighten everything back up, and your oil is changed!

Where Can I Schedule An Oil Change In Merrillville?

If you're in the Gary, Hammond IN, or Valparaiso area, our Art Hill Mazda service center offers excellent vehicle service for every type of car, SUV, or truck. We're also experts when it comes to the Mazda brand and understand the mechanics and technology behind every model of Mazda vehicle. Whether your car requires routine maintenance or a larger repair, we encourage every Indiana driver to schedule a service appointment utilizing our online scheduling tool. We also have many service specials that may help you save money on the maintenance or repair that your vehicle requires. Take a closer look at our current service specials, schedule your appointment, and contact our Art Hill Mazda dealership if you have any other questions today!

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