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This active driver assist feature uses milliwave radars and cameras to keep an eye on your surroundings. Your focus can remain on the road while i-ACTIVSENSEⓇ alerts you of potential hazards and oncoming collisions. This feature can also help you avert collisions or reduce the severity if it's unavoidable. 

Active Safety Technology

Mazda offers a multitude of active safety technology that supports you by preventing accidents or avoiding road hazards. Your vehicle will provide you with visual or audio alerts when a problem occurs. Either you are given the opportunity to correct the situation or your Mazda vehicle will do so for you. An example of Mazda active safety technology is the pre-collision system which reduces the severity of a collision when there is no way to avoid it.

2019 Mazda CX-5 driving

Passive Safety Technology

Not only does the Mazda safety system provide you with active technology, but there are passive safety systems that work just as hard to keep you and your passengers safe. SKYACTIV-BodyⓇ uses a ring structure, seat belts with pretensioner and load limiter, anti-intrusion brake pedal, SRS airbag systems, and more to ensure that every moment behind the wheel provides complete peace of mind.

Intelligent Transport Systems

As technology advances, so does the Mazda safety system. Intelligent Transport Systems receive and transmit information about pedestrians and other cars to the driver. This allows you complete awareness of your surroundings The further Mazda progresses with safety technology, the closer your vehicle will get to preventing traffic accidents down the line.

2019 Mazda CX-3 driving


Mazda vehicles offer a predictive all-wheel drive (AWD) system called i-ACTIV AWDⓇ. This feature allows you to maintain traction and confidence on the road, even in the slickest of driving conditions. Multiple data points will be observed as you drive to measure the road conditions and then your Mazda vehicle will predict the need for AWD. Once the data is understood, your Mazda will deliver the power throughout the vehicle accordingly so that you and your passengers can arrive at your destination safely.

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