Winter weather has finally left the Merrillville and Gary area and with its departure comes a welcome amount of rain. While all this precipitation will rapidly transform the greater Hammond, IN area into a picturesque green paradise -- it also means that the roads will be slicker and a touch more hazardous. You shouldn't ever have to question your safety and security whether you're on the roads of Hammond, IN or traveling outside the state. To that end, you'll be happy to learn that Art Hill Mazda offers a full range of spring services to help ensure that your vehicle is armed to tackle the rainy weather with absolute confidence.

Our Spring Maintenance and Rainy Season Driving Tips

Hydroplaning is also of concern after a heavy rainstorm. While our roadways have been smartly engineered to shed water and absorb as much water as possible, in the minutes following the onset of heavy rainfall, hydroplaning is of utmost concern. Our number one recommendation for drivers is to equip your vehicle with the proper tire tread. We offer a full range of new tires, but our service experts will be pleased to swap out your winter tires for your all-season or summer tires if you already own them. Visibility is also a priority. We've all driven through storms where the rain seems to fall in sheets. The dangers are only worsened when you travel at night. In that regard, we highly recommend bringing your car, truck, or SUV in for a new set of headlights and windshield wipers.

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