825 × 550?

The tires on your car, truck, SUV, or van are extremely important and require frequent maintenance to keep them working the way they should. Here are three of the most common questions our service center receives about tire maintenance.

  1. How Do I Prevent Tire Wear? - You can't stop tires from wearing down, but you can make sure that they wear evenly. Tire rotations are an important part of tire maintenance because they will ensure that every tire receives the same amount of wear over time, ensuring that you only have to change the tires on your vehicle when all of the require it.
  2. How Do I Know When I Need New Tires? - Before you have a tire blowout or find yourself stuck in Valparaiso, Hammond IN, or Gary with a flat tire, you'll want to make sure that you don't need new tires. Frequently inspect your tires, both the tire wall and the tread, to ensure that they have the correct amount of air pressure, there aren't any dings, scratches, or tears, and that your tread is still as high as it should be.
  3. What Tire Maintenance Should I Have Performed? - While we mentioned a few tire maintenance issues already, the list of tire maintenance includes tire rotations, tire pressure checks, tire alignments, tire changes, and tire inspections. All of these should be done regularly, whether by you in your garage or by one of our technicians.

Want to schedule an appointment? Feel free to contact our service center to talk to one of our technicians about any of your tire needs. If you're ready to schedule an appointment right away, we also have an online service scheduling tool for you to use at your convenience. We even offer multiple service specials to help you save money on your tire maintenance in Merrillville.

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