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Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY | Merrillville, IN

Designed with a focus on green technology, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY seeks to reduce emissions and fuel consumption without sacrificing the performance features that have made Mazda one of the most popular automotive brands for drivers in and around the Merrillville, IN area. Make sure to visit our new vehicle page where you'll be able to browse through our entire inventory of high-quality Mazda models.

Mazda SKYACTIV®-G Engines

SKYACTIV®-G 2.0L & 2.5L Gasoline Engines

SKYACTIV®-G gasoline engines manage to reduce emissions and produce more low- to -mid-range torque than traditional engines while still consuming less fuel, a true marvel of innovation. Features of SKYACTIV®-G engines include:
  • 13:1 compression ratio harnesses more energy from fuel.
  • 4-2-1 exhaust system fights engine knock and improves performance.
  • Innovative piston cavity improves combustion efficiency.
  • Advanced direct injection system stabilizes combustion.
  • Weight and friction reductions enhance efficiency.

SKYACTIV®-D Twin-Turbo Diesel Engine

Clean, lightweight and extremely quiet, the SKYACTIV®-D Twin-Turbo diesel engine has been designed from the molecular level up. Features of SKYACTIV®-D engine include:
  • Super-low 14:1 compression ratio provides cleaner combustion.
  • Meets emission standards with no urea-based NOx after-treatment system.
  • Lightweight engine parts enhance driving performance.
  • Cold starting made easier with intelligent glow plugs and patented warm-up technology.
  • Two stage turbocharger for smooth responsiveness at any speed.

Mazda SKYACTIV®-Drive Transmissions

SKYACTIV®-Drive 6-Speed Automatic

Every innovative engine technology needs a high-performance transmission to back it up. The SKYACTIV®-Drive six-speed automatic transmission ensures energy gets to the wheels as efficiently as possible. Features of the SKYACTIV®-Drive transmission include:
  • Combines the best features of all transmission types.
  • Torque converter and clutch together deliver smooth, direct feel.
  • Advanced control module ensures precise response.
  • Innovative design helps improve fuel efficiency by 4-7%.

SKYACTIV®-MT 6-Speed Manual

Smaller and built with a shortened internal shift throw, the SKYACTIV®-MT transmission is for drivers that are looking for the incomparable feel of a manual gearbox. Features of the SKYACTIV®-MT transmission include:
  • Benchmarked from the Mazda MX-5 Miata manual transmission.
  • Shortest shift stroke in its class, with direct, effortless feel.
  • Compact size contributes to improved fuel efficiency.

Mazda SKYACTIV®-Body Platform

Determined to provide more of the exhilarating driving experience that drivers in and around the Merrillville, IN area have come to anticipate from a Mazda, the SKYACTIV®-Body reduces weight while improving crash safety. SKYACTIV®-Body Platform features include:
  • Body rigidity is improved by 30% for better handling.
  • 220-lbs. / 8% lighter than other models.
  • Chassis redesign for greater stability and agility.
  • Smarter engineering for top crash safety performance.
Designed to be the ideal combination of form and function, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY fills the need for a modern engine that helps you save money at the pump while reducing carbon your footprint. For more information on Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, scheduling a test drive, or any of the services we provide to drivers in and around the Merrillville, IN area, contact us through our website or call us at 219-738-5300.