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Mazda i-ACTIVSENSEŽ Technology Available in Merrillville, IN

Have you been browsing our new Mazda inventory for your next car, SUV, or crossover? Mazda models corner the market on affordable and reliable vehicles that are exceedingly fun to drive, but that is not all that sets them apart from the competition. Mazda safety technology is like none other. If you are considering purchasing or leasing a new vehicle in the near future, youll definitely want to know more about Mazda i-ACTIVSENSEŽ.

The collective name for the entire suite of active safety technologies and systems in current Mazda models, i-ACTIVSENSEŽ spans a wide range of advanced technology that serves several purposes:

  1. Alert drivers to potential hazards
  2. Prevent collisions
  3. Reduce the severity of collisions if they cant be avoided

Active Safety Technology

Active safety technology in new Mazda models constantly monitors traffic conditions to help the driver stay safe and aware of their surroundings.

The Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS) works in conjunction with the headlights to decrease driver fatigue and increase safety by providing a larger and better-illuminated field of vision while driving at night, especially around curves in the road. Meanwhile, High-Beam Control (HBC) detects approaching and preceding traffic and automatically switches between high and low beams to prevent accidental blinding of other drivers.

When activated, the Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) can recognize other cars on the road and their relative speed and distance from your Mazda car or SUV. It continually adjusts your speed within a set range to remain within a safe following distance. MRCC will swiftly become a necessity on long stretches of highway or on extended commutes through and beyond Merrillville, IN.

The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System (RVM) notes cars approaching from behind in the same or neighboring lanes that may fall into the drivers blind spot and warns of any potential danger of collision when a lane change is attempted. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), meanwhile, alerts drivers when they begin to unintentionally drift out of their own lanes.

The Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW) measures the distance between the Mazda model and objects in front of it and issues an audible and visual warning if it judges a collision is likely. Merrillville, IN area drivers will find FOW instrumental in preventing everything from fender benders at stoplights to inadvertent parking collisions.

Pre-Crash Safety Technology

If you find yourself driving on heavily populated city streets, Mazda i-ACTIVSENSEŽ has you covered. Pre-crash safety technology helps to reduce preventable collisions, while keeping drivers and passengers as safe as possible.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) works by detecting potential collisions in low speed stop-and-go traffic, and prepping the brake system for maximum stopping power. It can also automatically apply the brakes and reduce the engine output if the driver does not respond in time. Smart Brake Support (SBS) performs the same function at higher speeds.

Acceleration Control for AT reduces sudden acceleration when the action was deemed unintentional, for example, if the vehicle is stopped and facing an obstacle such as another car or a wall. Your Mazda with i-ACTIVSENSEŽ will also sound an alert and turn on a warning light.

Mazda iActivsense

The best way to experience how i-ACTIVSENSEŽ can improve your life is to try it out with a Mazda test-drive. Visit Art Hill Mazda in Merrillville, IN to test out a new Mazda model equipped with i-ACTIVSENSEŽ safety technology, and to have any questions answered by our knowledgeable product specialists.

Call (219) 738-5300 or fill out our online contact form for more information or to arrange your visit.